Cannacribs Podcast: Cannabis Tissue Culture

Conception Nurseries’ CEO Kevin Brooks appeared on Cannacribs podcast on YouTube. He shares how his background leading technology and cultivation companies landed him at the helm of our innovative tissue culture startup. Cannacribs is one of the most exciting cannabis podcasts in our space, covering all types of growing operations across the the US. Firstly, Kevin discusses how Conception came … Read More

Leaf Magazine: Tissue Culture and the Future of Propagation

Conception Nurseries is restoring Cannabis cultivars to their original glory through the tissue culture process. Walking into Conception Nurseries feels a bit like boarding the U.S.S. Enterprise.

It’s astoundingly clean. And shiny.

But instead of redshirts milling about pushing glowing buttons, the rooms at Conception’s Sacramento, Calif. facility are packed with bustling PhDs in lab coats and blue nitrile gloves, handling tiny little baby pot plants with the utmost care.

MMJ Daily: Cutting Costs and Risk with Tissue Culture Micropropagation

“To date, cultivators have largely been dependent on mother plants to produce clones from cuttings. However, this results in inconsistent harvests with diluted and uncontrollable traits,” says Kevin Brooks, CEO of Conception Nurseries, a cannabis micropropagation lab operating in California and Oregon. The company recognized early on how critical healthy, gen zero clones are to cultivators. “Our plants have consistent yields and grow times, and are pest and disease-free as they are created in lab conditions. In addition, we work to save cultivators money by decreasing their dependency on mother rooms so they can free up valuable, licensed real estate. We want to help growers focus on what they do best: growing.”

MMJ Daily: Tissue-culture company to provide Cookies genetics clones

Conception Nurseries will exclusively provide cannabis clones to the Cookies Family of growers. “Conception Nurseries’ tissue culture technology will enable growers to receive Cookies Fam genetics in consistent, healthy, superior plants, increasing revenue for cultivators,” the Conception Nurseries team explains. “Cookies is one of the most acclaimed brands in the cannabis industry, earning a global reputation for iconic, super-premium quality cannabis products. Utilizing Conception Nurseries’ technology, growers will be able to scale with greater confidence, reliably sourcing from Cookies’ diverse portfolio of cannabis strains.”

Yahoo Finance: Bringing Tissue Culture Tech into the Cannabis Industry

By José Rodrigo Safdiye and Javier Hasse. Conception Nurseries is introducing the cannabis market to new growing techniques. Instead of having growers rely on maintaining mother plants to populate grow rooms, they can source clones from the Sacramento, California-based company. Conception Nurseries also has a facility in Oregon, and uses a proprietary cannabis micropropagation process which brings tissue culture micropropagation tech … Read More

Newswire: 5 Reasons Commercial Cannabis Cultivators Should Use Tissue Culture Technology

Conception Nurseries enables cultivators to reduce costs and improve quality with consistent, disease-free, scalable cannabis clones The legal and medical cannabis industry is a fast-growing, evolving market, and cultivators are turning to advanced scientific approaches used by big agriculture, such tissue culture micropropagation, to reduce costs and offer scalable, predictable, safe, high-quality, cannabis strains. This process involves producing genetically identical … Read More