First Smoke of the Day Tour at Conception

First Smoke of the Day - Tour of Conception Nurseries Lab

First Smoke of the Day is a highly acclaimed cannabis podcast hailing from Los Angeles, California, and is expertly helmed by the seasoned cannabis industry vets, known as “Packgods” and “Blackleaf.” These two legacy cannabis pros have witnessed the myriad ebbs and flows shaping the cannabis landscape over decades.

Their podcast delves deep into the realms of smoke culture, the art of cannabis cultivation, the rise of branding empires, the ascendancy of global extraction leaders, and the genius of cultural marketing mavens.

In a recent episode, Blackleaf had the privilege of embarking on a guided tour through the inner sanctum of Conception Nurseries, accompanied by Conception Nurseries VP of Product Development Kristian Andreassenfor a tour of our lab to see the tissue culture process from start to finish. The journey commenced in the media room, where Blackleaf and Kristian observed how diverse cannabis cultivars necessitate tailored media mixtures for optimal growth.

They see the meticulous precision in the fine-cutting process, a critical step in generating multiplied plant specimens. Our technicians shared Conception Nurseries’ innovative approach to cloning production, aligning with customer demands to meet and exceed expectations.

Kristian provided an up-close look at a small tub cradling nascent plantlets in their initial stages of development. This emphasized the significance of starting with diminutive cuttings, a practice instrumental in emulating the robustness and vitality inherent in seed-grown plants.

As the plants advanced to the in vitro stage, one of Conception’s technicians offered insights into their adept management of lighting, temperature, and other environmental factors essential for nurturing effective growth and preparing the clones for rooting.

Blackleaf couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, declaring, “I told you this was going to be cool,” to the camera.

The tour continued through the remaining phases within the sterile laboratory, with Kristian elucidating the distinctions setting Conception’s tissue culture apart from other nurseries and competitors in the field.

Tissue culture is available to growers in all environments. Interested in bringing top of the line tissue culture clones into your facility? Reach out for more info on how to get started.