Tiki Madman: Conception Nurseries Presents Our Newest Genetics Partner

Tiki Madman at Conception

Tiki Madman tours the Conception Nurseries Lab.

The future is here, brought into the present by Tiki Madman’s exceptional genetics and Conception Nurseries’ advanced technologies.

In the rapidly evolving world of cannabis cultivation, standing out requires innovation, experience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. That’s precisely why Conception Nurseries is proud to share our newest genetics partnership with Tiki Madman. With decades of experience in breeding robust, high-yielding, and sensorial exciting cannabis strains, Tiki Madman brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge to our state-of-the-art tissue culture processes.

Tiki Madman represents more than just a name in the industry; he symbolizes a lifelong commitment to exploring and perfecting cannabis breeding. Through years of meticulous breeding and a deep understanding of the plant’s complexities, Tiki has identified tissue culture as the paramount technique for maintaining clean genetics that perform exceptionally well.

At Conception Nurseries, our mission is to provide cultivators with the highest quality starts, ensuring that every plant is free from pests and diseases. Tiki’s extraordinary new strain, Lemon Cherry Sherbert, in collaboration with Mario Guzman of Sherbinski’s, is a new exclusive available only in Conception’s TrueClones™, offering experienced cultivators access to some of the most exciting and revolutionary genetics on the market.

Tiki shared his experience collaborating with another legendary breeder.

LCS is unbelievable…We crossed the Sherbert BX with the Lemon Cherry Gelato. The structure on it’s phenomenal…The Sherbert brought that smoothness, like the icing on the cake. You get the sweets from the lemon cherry then its got that deep Sherbert on the back end. It’s absolutely delicious.

“Dealing with Sherbinski and actually getting plants in hand and working with real genetics and not the stuff we dug off the street was crazy to me. The stuff I used to drool at in magazines for hours, and now I’m actually working with it now; the real thing – and that was really important to me….It’s always cool when you get to work with the guy you’ve followed forever. Its a great opportunity. Trying to create some new interesting flavors that will get people excited.”

We’re excited to partner with him by bringing his genetics into our tissue culture process to release them as TrueClones™ for clean, pest- and disease-free starts for these exciting new genetics.

Watch the video below to learn more about Tiki Madman’s journey in cannabis, how crucial tissue culture is to him, and touring Conception Nurseries.

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