Immaculately conceived clones

Conception Nurseries provides growers with clean, Phylos Certified, and genetically superior cannabis clones. We help growers focus on growing.

Genetically Elite Clones

Conception Nurseries is leading the development of Elite Genetic Cultivars that will be bred within the next five years. With applied genetics and breeding, Conception Nurseries will offer cannabis strains with the most desirable traits:

Powdery Mildew Resistance

Parasite resistance

Shorter flower times

Higher overall oil yield

Higher production of minor cannabinoids

Varying levels of THC/CBD

Grow with Conception Nurseries!

Conception Nurseries provides cultivators with industry leading clean and genetically superior cannabis clones. Interested in growing with Conception’s clones and genetics?


Unrivaled Plant Genetics

Using Tissue Culture Micropropagation, Conception Nurseries can rapidly breed and produce cannabis strains without the use of seeds or pollination.

Commercial Micropropagation

Conception Nurseries uses Tissue Culture Micropropagation, a technology that allows us to quickly multiply our cannabis plants in guaranteed clean environments. Micropropagation on a commercial scale allows us to:

  • Rapidly produce exact copies of plants with particularly desirable traits
  • Produce multiple plants without seeds or the pollination process to produce seeds
  • Completely sterile production to greatly reduce diseases, pests and pathogens
  • Allows careful growth and genetic breeding of plants and desirable plant traits

Cleaner and healthier clones

Genetically Certified

Conception clones will be the next generation cannabis varieties with customized characteristics catered towards the needs of customers and growers. We are more than just a “Strain Name” – each clone will be genetically tested and certified.

each clone is genetically tested and certified.

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