Immaculately Conceived Cannabis Clones

You Won't Have A Great Finish, Without A Great Start


Conception Nurseries uses Tissue Culture Micropropogation to produce cleaner, healthier, genetically elite clones. We provide Growers with a diverse selection of existing cannabis cultivars and next generation breeds at a reliable scale that no one else can match.

Conception Nurseries Cannabis Clones

Elite Genetics


Using tissue culture micropropagation, Conception provides cultivators with elite cannabis clones without the use of seeds or pollination.

Commercial Micropropagation

Tissue Culture Micropropagation breeds in a completely sterile production environment that greatly reduces disease, pests, and pathogens. Our scalable micropropagation facilities allow us to rapidly clone cannabis plants with desirable traits and elite genetics.

"Exceeded Our Growth Expectations"

The leading growers in California and Oregon rely on Conception Nurseries to increase yields, maximize profits, reduce costs and eliminate their problems. Watch how we've made true believers out of Excolo Farms by accelerating their rapid expansion.

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Conception Nurseries Cannabis Clones - Year-Round Supply

Year-round clone supply regardless of weather, climate, or location

Conception Nurseries Cannabis Clones - Guaranteed Clean Clones

Guaranteed clean clones that are pest and contamination free

Conception Nurseries Cannabis Clones - Scalable Supply

Scalable fulfillment for any-sized growing operation

Replacing Mother Rooms


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Let Conception supply your grow-op's cannabis clones. Mother rooms take up valuable real estate in an already highly restricted business. Conception lets you convert your mother rooms into production rooms.

Certified Genetics


Conception is the only tissue culture company that is able to guarantee and certify the genetics of every clone we ship out to our customers

Every clone we sell is genetically tested and certified

Our Mission


Delivering next generation science and technology to accelerate cannabis cultivation as a disruptor in health and wellness.