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Our mission is to deliver next-generation science and technology to accelerate cannabis cultivation as a disruptor in the licensed cannabis business.

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At Conception we invest heavily in research and development, leveraging IP and the latest, most advanced technologies. Our core focus is characterizing and developing elite varieties while constantly improving our efficiency in plant production. By reducing our cost, we can then share value with our growers. Conception Nurseries offers competitive employee benefits. Explore our open positions.

Everyone Has a Voice

Everyone has a voice

Act with Integrity

Act with integrity

Be Reasonable

Be reasonable

Embrace Fun and Celebrate the Wins

Embrace fun and celebrate the wins

Everyone Takes Out the Trash

Everyone takes out the trash

B-Level Work

B-Level work is bad for your soul

Promote Diversity, Opportunity, Community And Equity

Promote Diversity, Opportunity, Community and Equity

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