How do you validate the stability and agronomic performance of new cultivars when you are buying clones? Here's how we know our clones are ready to become healthy, beautiful flowers.


Every cultivar presented by cannabis breeders to Conception Nurseries is tested to meet commercial agronomic performance standards and market demands for the finished product.

We are extremely selective with what cultivars we invest the time and energy to initiate into tissue culture and bring to market a year later.

While the breeders are truly the tastemakers of the cannabis supply chain, Conception must be diligent in making sure the cultivar will work in the grow environment for the wide diversity of growers we serve.

From high desert to coastal and mountain environments, we hunt for cultivars that can perform under extreme and optimal conditions.

Agronomic Assessment

Our 40 point assessments are performed in a greenhouse so we can mimic various environmental pressures.

Below is a short list of the primary agronomic attributes measured and recorded during performance trials.

✔️ Vegetative vigor (growth and health in first 3 weeks)

✔️ Lateral branching

✔️ Nutrient demand (veg and flower)

✔️ Light intensity response (mix-light and artificial light)

✔️ High and low humidity response

✔️ Temperature range response

✔️ Flower set (size and nodal distance)

✔️ Elongation during flowering cycle (% stretch)

✔️ Yield (grams per square feet)

✔️ Pathogen susceptibility/tolerance/resistance (powdery mildew, spider mites, botrytis, etc)

✔️ Cycle time to mature flower

Finished Flower Scoring

After harvest, the flower is cured and sent to the lab for a R&D test to capture the cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

A final assessment is performed by our product development team with decades of experience in cannabis to select best performers for anticipated future wholesale and retail market demands.

Below is a brief summary of the key attributes our team scores by.

✔️ Cannabinoid profile

✔️ Terpene profile

✔️ Color

✔️ Aroma

✔️ Flower structure

✔️ Flower density

✔️ Trim type (hand, machine, both)

✔️ Trichome footprint

Market Demand

Every market has various demands and is constantly evolving with consumer experience and influence. In any state, there are dozens of micro-market environments that have developed specific profile interests. Additionally, many brands seek to stand out with unique flower profiles their target customers are seeking.

For Conception, we seek cultivars that meet the majority of market demand as well as unique profiles that can stand out from the crowd. From the current west coast ‘purple candy gas’ variations to the highest testing minor cannabinoid (THCV, etc.) or terpene (Ocimene, etc.) profiles.

We also pay attention to the effects, an extremely subjective assessment that is curated by experienced consumers; seeking experiences ranging from playful and creative to pain-relieving and sleep-inducing.

"An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

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