Sherbert Haze Among Leafly’s 13 Best Cannabis Strains of Harvest 2023

Explore for the latest updates on the best strains of Harvest 2023. Our list of the top 13 strains includes Conceptions Sherbert Haze from Abakaba Heirlooms and the delectable Gush Mints on our current menu. Witness the achievements of Moonmade Farms and Sonoma Hills Farms with our Sherbert Haze. This list is a must-see for all cannabis growers providing valuable insights into the exceptional strains of Harvest 2023. Some items featured on this list are readily available on our menu. To get access to our full menu and discover where you can find these fantastic strains, simply request our menu and indulge in a world of cannabis excellence.

The article includes lots of rich descriptions on what the consumer can expect when they experience the strains. “Gush Mints is sticky, with milder kush and mint notes that entice casual smokers for very calming, nighttime effects.”

“It smells hazy-sweet with a lot of Sherbert body that veers more floral than creamy-berry. The Haze brightens up Sherbert’s sedative effect, making it an all-day smoke. It’s the perfect example of giving people something new that maps to something they love. ”

Gush Mints comes to Conception Nurseries from our partner breeder Purple City Genetics. Purple City is becoming one of the most recognizable breeders in the state and the industry at large.

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Sherbert haze among Leafly's top 13 of the 2023 harvest season

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