Forget the stress and cost of mother rooms, tissue culture is a process that entails the cleaning and subsequent propagation of plants in vitro from the tissue of a mother plant. It allows us to eliminate the things that keep you up at night such as fusarium, mites, hop latent viroid, and mold.

Our TrueClone™ process allows us to scale nimbly so we can meet your needs – and you can sleep better at night. We also offer cleaning and cloning for your existing proprietary genetics.

Conception Nurseries - Remediation Program

Remediation Program

Your plants are your livelihood and your entire business depends on them – they don’t get the luxury of sick days.

Conception Nurseries - Clone Storage


At Conception, we want to help you safeguard your most valuable asset: healthy genetics.

Conception Nurseries - Exclusive Cannabis Clone Production


We’ll collect your proprietary genetics, clean them of systemic issues, initiate them into tissue culture, and restore the plants’ health and vigor.

"An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

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