CannMed Summit Workshop Features Conception Nurseries

Conception Nurseries is proud to announce that you can see our VP of Product Development, Kristian Andreassen, speak on the panel at the 2023 CannMed Summit Cultivation Workshop on May 15th in Florida. Kristian, along with his fellow panel speakers, will discuss the top issues facing cannabis cultivators in today’s industry.

CannMed Cultivation Workshop“The CannMed Cultivation Workshop will demonstrate that the increased cultivation that has come with legalization is not without its downsides, most notably the widespread prevalence of both old and new pathogens. Not only have familiar pests and diseases continued to plague crops, but those more commonly found in traditional agriculture are making their way into cannabis. These include hop latent viroid disease (HLVd), fusarium, botrytis, pythium, powdery mildew, and phytophthora. And while they’re known to drastically reduce yields and crop value, the real danger lies in just how difficult they are to detect, prevent, and manage.

In this workshop, industry-leading experts will cover both efficient and economically sound practices for pathogen management, soCannMed Cultivation Workshop you can maximize ROI in your cultivation facility. Get ready to explore the science behind each major pathogen, vectors through which they infiltrate facilities and plants, and proven methods for pathogen prevention. We’ll also introduce effective strategies for pathogen detection, as well as critical procedures to implement for continued facility success before, during, and after a pathogen occurrence.” – Via

As an award-winning cultivator and cannabis breeder, Kristian has more than a decade of hands-on experience learning the ups and downs of what it means to grow cannabis successfully. At the CannMed workshop, he’ll share the latest on how to combat common and not-so-common problems and how tissue culture clones have changed the way he’s growing today.

Monday, May 15th, Marco Island, FL – Get your tickets here.

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