Tiki Madman: Conception Nurseries Presents Our Newest Genetics Partner

The future is here, brought into the present by Tiki Madman’s exceptional genetics and Conception Nurseries’ advanced technologies. In the rapidly evolving world of cannabis cultivation, standing out requires innovation, experience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. That’s precisely why Conception Nurseries is proud to share our newest genetics partnership with Tiki Madman. With decades of experience in breeding robust, … Read More

Whitepaper: How to Acclimate Your Tissue-Cultured Cannabis Clones

Learning how to acclimate your tissue-cultured cannabis clones can be a complex task, fraught with potential pitfalls. However, with the right knowledge and approach, you can ensure a smooth transition and set the stage for a thriving crop. This post will guide you through the crucial first week of acclimation, highlighting the optimal conditions for your plantlets to not just … Read More

Planting Calendar 2023-2024

Why Use Our Planting Calendar? Precision Planning: Our planting calendar provides a detailed timeline, helping you plan when to order our top-quality, disease-free clones. By following our schedule, you’ll maximize your growing season and optimize your harvest. Guidance: Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting, our calendar is designed to suit various climates and regions, ensuring that you receive … Read More

Transplanting: Outdoor and Greenhouse

The most challenging aspect of moving from traditional to tissue culture clones is the acclimation and transplanting process. Tissue cut clones are not exactly like the traditional clones; TC plantlets require different care when they arrive at your farm. Below are some tips that work well for us. If you find something that works well for you, our Product Development … Read More

CA State Fair Cannabis Awards: MOCA Wins With Tissue Culture

Congratulations to MOCA Humboldt for winning multiple medals in the CA State Fair Cannabis Awards. MOCA’s winnings include two silver medals for harvests using Conception Nurseries tissue culture clone strains Tuscan Gelato and Caffeine. The 2nd annual awards competition is based in the California capitol of Sacramento and awards farmers and cultivators on lab tests alone. MOCA shared their excitement … Read More

Grow & Tell Podcast: Tawnie Talks Tissue Culture And Genetics

Conception’s very own Tawnie Scarborough appeared on the Grow and Tell podcast to talk about tissue culture and genetics. Watch Tawnie discuss her journey from homesteading and growing cannabis to cannabis activism and now blazing trails for tissue culture with Conception. “There’s this drive; there’s this passion. There’s this pursuit of excellence. They are trying to achieve the impossible. I … Read More

To Be Blunt Podcast Featuring Kristian Andreassen

Listen to Conception’s Kristian Andreassen on the To Be Blunt Podcast hosted by Shayda Torabi. Listen Here Cultivating the Future: Innovations in Cannabis Tissue Culture Tune in to hear Kristian’s journey in the industry, from tissue culture cultivation to working with brands to protect their genetics and applying traditional agricultural practices to cannabis. [00:00 – 08:12] Introducing Kristian Andreassen: Pioneering … Read More

Hop Latent Viroid – The Dreaded Crop Killer

Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) is an infectious single-stranded, circular RNA that is completely dependent on its host plant’s metabolism for replication. As the name suggests, HLVd occurs worldwide in hops, but it can also infect hop’s close relative – cannabis. If your previously healthy plants have suddenly started becoming stunted or “dudded” in growth, then a Hop Latent Viroid infection ... Read More

Tackling 4 Common Cannabis Pests and Diseases

Cannabis sativa L. is a plant family that has grown and evolved alongside humans for millennia. From more temperate equatorial climates to the colder and harsher conditions of Eastern Europe and Russia, these plants have learned to live and thrive in a variety of environments.While its long history and evolution have given this family a certain vigor and resilience, there … Read More

Mario Guzman Talks Tissue Culture and Coming Up in Cannabis

Mario Guzman, AKA “Mr. Sherbisnki” discusses his experience with growing and breeding cannabis pre-legalization and how he’s working with Conception Nurseries to preserve the future of his genetics.   Conception Nurseries is proud to roll out new, exclusive strains from Mario’s Selections, a collection of cultivars pheno-hunted by Mario and only propagated through tissue culture. Now available for pre-order: L.A. … Read More