Planting Calendar 2023-2024

Why Use Our Planting Calendar?

Precision Planning: Our planting calendar provides a detailed timeline, helping you plan when to order our top-quality, disease-free clones. By following our schedule, you’ll maximize your growing season and optimize your harvest.

Guidance: Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting, our calendar is designed to suit various climates and regions, ensuring that you receive accurate and region-specific advice for a successful cultivation journey.

Expand Your Harvest Window: With our calendar, you can strategically incorporate additional grow cycles, giving you more flexibility and control over your farming operations.

Tailor Your Cultivar Choices: By planning your harvest according to our calendar, you have the opportunity to select your preferred cultivars. This means you get precisely what you want, contributing to a diverse and customized harvest.

Take charge of your harvest, optimize your yield, and experience the satisfaction of a well-planned year.


Click to download the planting calendar.