What is Tissue Culture?

Tissue Culture Micropropagation is the cultivation of existing plants using cuts of plant material, and rapidly producing clones. Conception Nurseries uses Tissue Culture Micropropagation to rapidly produce thousands of copies of desirable cannabis strains in a sterile and clean environment.

The Industry Shift

Around the world, Tissue Culture Micropropagation has been the proven solution for large-scale propagation of a variety of crops. The current Cannabis Market as a whole is now shifting towards tissue culture, addressing the major challenges of Cannabis growth and opening the doors to genetic customization.


Micropropagation provides a consistent product and customer experience for end-users


Conception Nurseries’ clones lets growers focus on yield and scaling their production

Reduces Risk

Tissue Culture eliminates the need for Mother Rooms, which are the biggest factor in infestation, disease and contamination.

Lower Costs

Valuable real estate and costs associated with Mother Room maintenance can now be converted into additional production area