5 Reasons To Use Plant Tissue Culture

cannabis tissue cultureShifting to plant tissue culture clones as your propagation method can be a big step in the right direction for your cultivation. If you’re looking for ways to optimize the way you grow cannabis, here are the top improvements you can look forward to with the implementation of tissue culture clones.

Tissue Culture Clones Are Pest- and Pathogen-Free

First, Conception’s TrueClones™ process starts with cleaning and testing new cultivars for agronomically relevant pests and pathogens. Once sterilized, each plant is grown in sealed, sterile conditions to prevent new infections or infestations.

Tissue Culture Clones Are True-to-Type

Next, we go the extra mile to get you clones that exhibit the characteristics you expect out of a given cultivar. We genotype every plant prior to initiation into tissue culture. Once initiated into tissue culture, plant tissue can be easily tracked using ERP or another database. This way, the intended cultivar is provided to cultivators. Additionally, plant tissue can be kept as backup germ-plasm in sterile, cold storage conditions as an extra layer of redundancy.

Juvenile Vigor

Introducing a plant into tissue culture returns the cultivar to a state of juvenility and provides the following benefits:

  • Increased overall vigor
  • Increased apical dominance
  • Consistent internode spacing (less pruning)
  • Symmetrical lateral branching

Canopy Consistency

Conception’s TrueClones™ go a step further in creating a consistent canopy for the cultivator.  First, we only select apical shoots for rooting, which improves the consistency of the initial rooting and elongation. Next, we sort the plants for sale after they have rooted AND started to elongate. We do this to ensure consistent vegetative growth and an even flowering canopy.

Plant Restoration

Finally, tissue culture techniques allow for the identification and removal of endogenous pathogens and/or contaminants WITHIN the plant tissue. Furthermore, tissue culture conditions allow for harsh pathogen treatment methods while keeping the plant material alive so we can continue to propagate healthy and clean plants in the future.

Conception Nurseries is here to help launch your success with tissue culture clones. Ready to take your cultivation to the next level?  Contact us to request a full menu of available and pre-sale clones for your first order.