Honoring 25 Years Since Passage of PROP 215

California Tissue Culture Lab Introduces Compassion-driven Giving at the Conception of the Cannabis Supply Chain

Roseville, Calif. – Dec 02, 2021: In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Compassionate Use Act in California, customers who place orders in December for Q1 2022  delivery will get to select either Sweetleaf Collective, The Weldon Project’s Mission [Green], or Veterans Cannabis Project to receive a donation for every clone customers order.

The program was developed by Conception’s new Marketing Director, Heidi Minx, who serves as a fiscal sponsor for Sweetleaf Collective and as an Advisory Board member for The Weldon Project.

Minx notes, “When you look at companies such as Patagonia, who are dedicated to the environment — they are clearabout how they address sustainability and social good throughout their supply chain, it’s not an afterthought.  Overcoming the damage from 80 years of prohibition — that toll was on people — those unjustly arrested, and those who are still being denied safe, affordable access to plant medicine.  Myself and Conception’s CEO, Kevin Brooks, selected these three groups because they are selflessly working for people.”

Brooks adds, “Companies today must be transparent, and that involves conscious decisions throughout the supply chain.  If donations can be garnered for worthy causes such as these, from conception to customer, that is exponentially beneficial for the causes. Cannabis is uniquely positioned to take this on; compassion IS  the root of cannabis in the U.S. today.”

Weldon Angelos, Founder of The Weldon Project notes, “I fully support  intentional giving starting this early in the supply chain, often nonprofits only see donations come from the brands when they hit shelves.  Imagine if donations could compound across the cannabis supply chain, instead of taxes — that would make such a positive impact on so many.”

About Sweetleaf Collective:
Sweetleaf Collective is exclusively a donation-based charity organization. Since 1996, when the groundbreaking 215 proposition passed in California, they have been providing free medical cannabis to HIV/AIDS and cancer patients in California and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. They are one of the oldest medical cannabis groups in the world and in the past two decades, they have given away more than $2 million worth of compassionate cannabis. Their founder, ‘Sweetleaf Joe’ was instrumental in the passage of SB34 which reintroduced the ‘compassionate use’ designation in California.


About The Weldon Project’s Mission [Green]:

Weldon Angelos was a “rising star” whose world was turned upside down at 23 when he was targeted by a confidential informant and a local drug task force in a sting operation. An upcoming music producer and recording artist who had worked closely with luminaries like Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur’s recording group, he was released  in 2016, and founded The Weldon Project which is dedicated to funding social change and financial aid for those who are still serving prison time for cannabis-related offenses. Through extensive partnerships throughout the legal cannabis industry, The Weldon Project launched the Mission [Green] initiative to raise the bar for awareness, social justice, and social equity by providing unique ways for cannabis businesses and consumers to participate in a nationwide campaign aimed to provide relief to those who have been negatively impacted by prohibition.

About the Veterans Cannabis Project
Veterans Cannabis Project (VCP) is dedicated to advocating on behalf of cannabis access issues for U.S. military veterans. VCP is committed to educating policymakers and the public about the value of cannabis to veterans and supporting veterans across the nation with the resources they need to understand the value of medical cannabis, know their cannabis rights, and access the tools they need to encourage federal policy change. They work daily to create a community that can heal our nation’s broken approach to cannabis and provide veterans with safe, legal access.

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