Conception Nurseries, a Leading Cannabis Micropropagation Company, Comes out of Quiet Production and Launches Publicly Today

PORTLAND, Ore. — Conception Nurseries, a cannabis micropropagation company that has been quietly developing cannabis tissue culture clones for nearly two years, is now launching publicly. Conception is bringing tissue culture technology, a crucial component of industrial scale agriculture, to the cannabis industry. With tissue culture micropropagation, Conception produces plantlets that are free of pathogens and have exceptional vigor, at a cost-per-plant below producers’ in-house costs.

Conception is led by Chief Executive Officer Kevin Brooks. Kevin most recently served as the CEO of Connected Cannabis, the largest vertically integrated cannabis company in California. Before entering the cannabis industry, Kevin spent 15 years as an executive in Silicon Valley supporting companies through multiple successful exits. Conception provides cultivators with next-generation, targeted cannabis varieties customized for the needs of consumers and cultivators.

Conception’s tissue culture clones will each be genetically tested and registered. A unique genetic ID is assigned to each plant tested, and includes a report revealing identical clone matches and how they’re related to varieties around the world.Conception will use the world’s leading controlled-environment agriculture platform and plantlet development technology to ensure plantlets are pathogen free as well as consistent, vigorous growers.

Conception will be launching its Series A funding and facility rollout plans.