Renowned Cannabis Cultivator Kristian Andreassen Joins Conception Nurseries

Sacramento, CA – Jan. 4, 2023: Conception Nurseries announces the addition of industry veteran Kristian Andreassen to their leadership team as Senior Product Director. Andreassen will support Conception’s initiative to build a diverse group of cannabis breeders to meet the needs of an ever-expanding cannabis market.

Andreassen’s decade-plus expertise spans breeding, commercial cultivation, and brand development, garnering numerous Emerald Cup and High Times awards for flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and genetics. He is a respected fixture of the cannabis industry thanks to a long track record of working with breeders through the medium of tissue culture. He is widely acknowledged to be a pioneer of cannabis tissue culture, introducing stable, high demand genetics to the commercial cannabis marketplace.

“Kristian’s value to the industry can’t be understated. He is an incredibly well respected and award-winning breeder with unparalleled cannabis tissue culture experience. We are absolutely thrilled to have him partner with other elite breeders while bringing to life one of the most dynamic menus in cannabis”.

Conception’s leadership in modeling genetic licensing and distribution for the breeders they work with has created a uniquely diverse menu that supports the changing market demands for strain profiles. The royalty structure ensures that cannabis breeders continue to create high quality strains into the future.

“There’s nobody I would trust more than Kristian to take the lead on working with cannabis breeders across the U.S.,” said Tawnie Scarborough, leading national expansion for Conception Nurseries.

The cannabis industry continues to face rising issues with diseased plants and weakened genetics getting into the market. Andreassen is excited to align with Conception as they are uniquely positioned as the market leader in offering clean plants with an expansive library of genetics for cultivators at scale.

“There is nothing else in the market like what has been assembled at Conception Nurseries. Every day I’m more impressed with how this team balances science, culture, business, and the art of cannabis. I think we’re going to make a big splash in the market with this group,” said Andreassen.


Conception Nurseries is an agriculture-technology company solving cannabis cultivators’ problems with tissue culture technology. Conception produces performance tested, genetically identical, and healthy plantlets, reducing cultivators’ operational risks and costs while increasing their production predictability and revenue, delivering a dependable end-user experience.