Tissue Culture TrueClones™, Tweens or Teens: Which Should You Choose?

Tissue Culture TrueClones, Tweens or Teens: Which Should You Choose? 

Choosing where to source your plant stock is a critical decision in your cultivation operation that includes not only what cultivar to purchase but also the source and size of the plant. At Conception, we offer three different sizes including our TrueClone plant packs, tweens, and teens.

We produce our plants via tissue culture, so no matter what size you purchase you know you get the health and vigor that comes with a plant that is a generation zero tissue culture plant. If you’d like to learn more about the differences between gen zero and traditional clones, we invite you to learn more here.

There are several things to consider when it comes to what size of plant to purchase from a nursery. Price is, of course, the obvious consideration. However, there are several other things to take into account when choosing which plants to buy; we discuss some of them down below.

Here are five things to consider when deciding what size plant to purchase from a nursery:

  1. How many harvests are you currently pulling; could you add in one more if you saved eight-ten weeks of veg time annually?
  2. How much real estate are you currently dedicating to vegetative space; could that real estate be converted to a more profitable grow space?
  3. How is staff time being utilized? Are they able to transplant and care for plants during their initial veg phase?
  4. Climate; can you plant smaller clones, or do you need plants with more vigorous structure?
  5. Is the added cost of teens offset by the increased revenue of more harvests per year?

Indoor Farms If you have limited veg space and want to maximize the number of flips per year, tissue culture teens could be a perfect fit. There are many farms that have eliminated their veg room in favor of adding more flower canopy and vegging in place in their flower rooms. These growers will typically utilize a strategy of higher density and smaller plants. With teens, farms are able to receive plants that are ready to flip within a few weeks. 

Outdoor farms Depending on where your farm is located it can still be very chilly in the spring and hot in the summer. Tissue culture clones can be most sensitive within the first week coming out of the lab. Getting established teens to transplant on your property will allow you to rest assured they will take in less-than-ideal circumstances. This can mean getting an additional crop harvested within the season. Going with teens for your outdoor farm will help make sure that you get the most out of your growing season.

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, generation zero teens can help farms reach their goals and minimize risk while doing so. You will see the benefits of an established teen along with the quality from tissue culture that is unmatched on the market. Farms that work with tissue culture plants put themselves ahead of the competition. 

Tissue Culture TrueClones, Tweens or Teens: Which Should You Choose?

Up-potted TweensUp-potted Tweens: Pathogen-free tweens are a particularly good option for indoor and greenhouse cultivators who are high-throughput and need clones that are 6-8 inches in height (cultivar-dependent).  Tweens are all grown from our TrueClone™ plant packs and can save cultivators about two weeks of veg time.


Up-potted TweensUp-potted Teens:
Pathogen-free teens are a particularly good option for outdoor cultivators that need more mature plants 10-16 inches in height (cultivar-dependent), or who don’t have dedicated space for the initial veg phase, as well as indoor and greenhouse cultivators who are seeking the quickest turnaround time for harvesting. Teens are all grown from our TrueClone plant packs and can save cultivators about three weeks of veg time.


TrueClone Plant PackTrueClone Plant Pack: The best value for your money; 48 TrueClones come in every sealed plant pack.  With a uniform height, our generation zero plantlets will catch up to our tweens in about two weeks’ time.  If you have the time and space to use Conception’s TrueClone plant packs, this is the most economical choice for pest and pathogen-free cannabis tissue culture clones.



Conception’s dedicated team of customer success managers will work closely with you as you transition to our best-in-class generation zero clones. Please reach out so we can answer any questions specific to your operation or to request our full menu; we are the exclusive tissue culture provider of Cookies® certified genetics in California and Oregon.

About the Author
David Stormzand is the customer success manager at Conception Nurseries. He has spent the last 12 years running commercial grows in California, Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan.