Slurty3 Named Top Strain by Leafly


Slurty3 lulls you into relaxation.

Wondering what are the most buzzed-about strains on the cannabis market? Look no further than one of the hottest selections on the Conception clone menu: Slurty3 by Purple City Genetics.

Slurty3 produces rich purple buds.

Leafly’s Data Grinder tracks strain trends in the hub’s search data and the latest report has Slurty3 trending at the top of the list, up 34.5%.

“Sweet, earthy, and flowery, with a giggly, talkative, and happy effect, the Slurty3 cannabis strain from Oakland, CA’s Purple City Genetics jumped 34.5% in the last monthly reporting period in the Western US. The cross of Slurricane x Gelato 33 has the makings of a commercial staple…. Slurty3’s parentage includes the work of the West Coast’s top breeders: Cookies’ Jigga, Mr. Sherbinski, Oregon’s Archive Seed Bank, and Symbiotic Genetics. Purple City Genetics’ ‘Cowboy’ made the Slurricane selection and continues to change the game.”

Slurty3 leans heavily on its Gelato 33 lineage, creating gassy Gelato notes that emanate from the large, conical colas. Tones of dark purple saturate the flower and fan leaves late in flower to produce visually stunning flower. The effect of this cultivar is relaxing but less narcotic than other Gelato crosses. It’s no wonder cannabis consumers are clamoring for more info about it, as the finished, exotic looking buds deliver strong limonene, caryophyllene, and CBG.

Curious how Slurty3 will grow in your cultivation? Contact us to order clones from Conception, available now.