Pathogen-Resistant Strains: Grape Fog Clones

Grape Fog is a naturally pathogen-resistant strain

Grape Fog is a naturally pathogen-resistant strain

At Conception, we’re all about reducing your risk of pests and pathogens. One strategy we employ is identifying cultivars that are naturally resistant to specific pests or pathogens to offer cultivators.

Grape Fog has exhibited durable resistance to powdery mildew, giving growers one less thing to worry about while delivering colorful, extremely resinous colas with one of the loudest terpene profiles we have come across.

What is Powdery Mildew?

There are many different species of Powdery Mildew but only two are known to infect Cannabis (Podosphaera macularis and Golovinomyces cichoracearum). While these species may prefer other environmental conditions and host genotypes, their mode of action for infection is the same and the means by which a plant can defend itself is also the same. There are two ways plants mount this defense; physically, through a durable cuticle layer that prevents intrusion into the leaf surface; or programmed cell death (PCD) which cuts off the pathogen’s food supply by killing affected cells upon infection.

While further research is needed to understand what mechanism is responsible for powdery mildew resistance in cannabis, we will continue to screen each cultivar for its ability to tolerate or resist specific pests and pathogens so we can help you keep your plants clean and healthy from clone to harvest.

Let us know if you want to remove powdery mildew from your integrated pest management concerns list. Adding Grape Fog tissue culture clones to your lineup of strains can help you eliminate the stress of worrying about dealing with powdery mildew on a regular basis.

The team at Conception Nurseries is always here to help you select the best strains for your cultivation needs.

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