Apple Fritter

A Sweet, Sour & Fruity Balanced Hybrid


Apple Fritter


  • Animal Mints
  • Big Apple
  • Strawberry Fritter


Sour Apple x Animal Cookies

Avg. THC Content:


Flowering Time:

60 Days

Dominant Terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Humulene
  • Limonene
Conception Nurseries - True to Genetic Origins

Apple Fritter: A Sweet, Sour & Fruity Balanced Hybrid

A multiple award-winner, Apple Fritter is a cannabis strain that never fails to impress. With its distinct blend of gassy sweetness and sour apple undertones, it stands apart from other Cookie/Gelato crosses. Digging into the richness of its namesake, Apple Fritter’s aroma and flavor profile offer some heft with balanced earth, cheese and vanilla notes that complement the sour apple and make for a delectable sensory experience.

Reported effects stay true to its lineage, offering a balance of mental invigoration and euphoria that transitions into deep body-based relaxation. Apple Fritter flower is dense, compact and conical, with beautiful splashes of pink and purple that shine through its frosty coating of trichomes.

Cultivating the Apple Fritter Cannabis Strain: Grower’s Notes

The Apple Fritter strain plant has average to long internode distance with moderate lateral branching. These plants typically reach an average to large size in both width and height. Apple Fritter’s dense, rounded colas require trellising during the flowering cycle, producing a large overall flower set size.

Apple Fritter plants prefer moderate to high nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium (NPK) soil or fertigation regime, with an average susceptibility to pests and fungal infections. To achieve a purple color shift, provide dark cycle temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit starting at week 5-6, with 2-3 weeks of cooler dark cycle temperatures to achieve full color expression.

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