Growing Guidelines & First Steps

To ensure the highest success rates and growth uniformity, the following environmental conditions and transplanting protocol must also be used:

Environmental parameters for initial growth stages

Any Substrate

Any substrate or growing medium

3-5″ Containers

3 to 5 inch container size

75 – 80° F

Optimal temperature


Relative humidity

300-500 PPFD

Light intensity

4 Weeks

Vegetation time for a 16-22″ plant

Transplanting Protocol

Step 1


Remove the film layer on the sterile plant pack and carefully remove the rooting tray.

Step 2


Use a small utensil to gently remove the rooting cube from tray by pushing through hole in the bottom of each cell..

Step 3


Place the rooting cube 1/4" below the soil so that no root hairs are exposed.



Tissue culture clones can be grown in any substrate or growing medium including soil, soilless, rockwool, deep-water culture etc. with varying degrees of acclimation time.

Organic substrates with high air-to-water ratios will have the fastest acclimation time followed by denser organic substrates and finally inorganic substrates.

Container Size


We recommend transplanting your tissue culture clones into a 3 - 5 inch pot. If initial transplanting into a larger container size (1-3 gallons) is desired, fertigation should be limited to 3" around the rooting cube and particular care should be taken to prevent saturation of growing substrate.