Plants must be transplanted within 48 hours of receiving.

To ensure the highest success rates and growth uniformity, the following environmental conditions and transplanting protocol must also be used:


Keep plant packs in cool, lit area until you are ready to transplant them

Cannabis Clones Ready to Transplant - Remove Film Layer


When ready to transplant, remove the film layer on the sterile plant pack and carefully remove the rooting tray.

Remove Cannabis Clones Rooting Cubes from the Tray


Wearing gloves, gently remove the rooting cube from the tray.

Place Rooting Cubes Below the Soil


Place the rooting cube below the soil just enough so that no root hairs are exposed and the base of the stem is covered.

Transplanted Tissue Culture Clone Humidity Control

(For first time customers especially)

Depending the ability to control humidity, place freshly transplanted tissue culture clones (either in 3” pots or similar sized grow block medium) into a 70% RH environment or into a 10X20 tray and cover with humidity dome (vents all the way open) for 1.5-2 days. This will allow the roots to colonize the fresh substrate and the plant to acclimate to your specific environment.

Fertigate Transplanted Tissue Culture Clones


Fertigate freshly transplanted tissue culture clones sparingly with approximately 1-2 ounces of fertigant applied around the base of the stem. Clones should be fed a relatively high concentration fertigant (1.6-2.6 EC) starting with the first watering event as they are actively growing and are coming off of a high concentration nutrient solution in the rooting packs.


Any Substrate

Tissue culture clones can be grown in any substrate or growing medium, including soil, soilless, Rockwool, deep-water culture, etc, with varying degrees of acclimation time.
We recommend first transplanting them into 3-4” inch containers or grow blocks to get them established in your garden. Substrates with very high air-to-water ratios will have the fastest acclimation time but will need to remain moist.


3-4 Inch Containers

We recommend transplanting your tissue culture clones into a 3-4 inch pot. If initial transplanting into a larger container size (1-3 gallons) is desired, fertigation should be limited to 2″ around the rooting cube and particular care should be taken to prevent saturation of growing substrate. If environmental parameters are not tightly controlled, a smaller pot size (3”) for the initial transplanting step is recommended so that the plants can be acclimated in a 10X20 tray and humidity dome for the first 1.5-2 days.


70-80% Relative Humidity

Our tissue culture clones come semi-hardened and have been rooting and growing in the packs you receive them in for 4 weeks at 80% humidity. We recommend starting them between 70%-80% RH with the sweet spot at 75%. Over the next 3-4 days, you can slowly decrease the RH until a desired vegetative environment is reached.



We recommend keeping our tissue-cultured clones within this temperature range for at least the first week of growth.


300-500 PPFD

We recommend starting our plants between 300-500 PPFD for the first 7-10 days to minimize transplant shock. After the plants get established in your garden you can then increase the light intensity up to 900+ PPFD.
If you are growing outdoors then the use of a shade cloth is recommended for the first 7-10 days, especially in the hotter months to minimize transplant shock.


1.6-2.6 EC

Because our plants are actively growing when you receive them, they are more like miniature plantlets than a freshly rooted clone and have the nutritional requirements of actively growing vegetative plants. They will be ready to be transplanted with your normal transplant/veg fertilizer mix at an EC up to 2.6 directly out of the rooting pack.


3-4 Weeks

Typically if you can stay within the transplant guidelines you should expect a 16-24″ plant within a 4-week time frame depending on the cultivar. Veg time will vary depending on several factors and generally will decrease after the initial order due to the increased experience acclimating tissue cultured cannabis clones. We have customers that put our plants to the test in all sorts of environments.



Conception Nurseries - Certified Cannabis TrueClones™


1.3-4 INCHES

Our plants come small but they are mighty. Each plant is inspected by our qc team to ensure that each plant you receive meets our requirements to be sent out. This means the plants stems are elongating, there are signs of new growth and a minimum number of roots are present. Our customers typically report that our clones start off small but catch up to traditional clones transplanted around the same time by the end of the vegetative stage

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