How to Transplant Conception Clones

Sterile Plant pack


When ready to transplant, remove the film layer on the sterile plant pack and carefully remove the rooting tray.

Rootig Cube


Wearing gloves, gently remove the rooting cube from the tray.
Place the rooting cube in the soil


Place the rooting cube below the soil just enough, so that no root hairs are exposed and the base of the stem is covered.


Tissue culture clones can be grown in any substrate or growing medium, including soil, soilless, Rockwool, deep-water culture and others, with varying degrees of acclimation time.

We recommend first transplanting them into 3-5 inch containers to get them established in your garden. Substrates with very high air-to-water ratios will have the fastest acclimation time but will need to remain moist.

If initial transplanting into a larger container size (1-3 gallons) is desired, fertigation should be limited to 3″ around the rooting cube and particular care should be taken to prevent saturation of growing substrate.


Conception Nurseries’ tissue culture clones come semi-hardened off, and have been living in the packs you receive them in, at around 80% humidity. We recommend starting them between 65%- 80% relative humidity.

We find that the sweet spot is at around 70%. Over the next 5-7 days, you can slowly decrease the RH until a desired vegetative environment of 50-60% is reached.

Light Intensity
We recommend starting our plants between 300-500 PPFD for the first 7-10 days to minimize transplant shock. After the plants get established in your garden you can then increase the light intensity up to 900+ PPFD.

If you are growing outdoors, the use of shade cloth is recommended for the first 7-10 days, especially in the hotter months to minimize transplant shock.

About the Author

David Stormzand is the Customer Success Manager at Conception Nurseries. He has spent the last 12 years running commercial grows in California, Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan.