MMJ Daily: Tissue-culture company to provide Cookies genetics clones

US (CA): Tissue-culture company to provide Cookies genetics clones

Conception Nurseries will exclusively provide cannabis clones to the Cookies Family of growers. “Conception Nurseries’ tissue culture technology will enable growers to receive Cookies Fam genetics in consistent, healthy, superior plants, increasing revenue for cultivators,” the Conception Nurseries team explains. “Cookies is one of the most acclaimed brands in the cannabis industry, earning a global reputation for iconic, super-premium quality cannabis products. Utilizing Conception Nurseries’ technology, growers will be able to scale with greater confidence, reliably sourcing from Cookies’ diverse portfolio of cannabis strains.”

TrueClone tissue culture technology, Conception Nurseries’ proprietary process, removes the risk of introducing pests and pathogens into growing operations through the micropropagation of plant tissue. This unique system enables plants to be delivered transplant ready from the laboratory, ensuring the clean supply necessary for commercial cultivators’ success.

“Cookies works with only the best, most innovative partners, which is why our partnership with Conception Nurseries makes perfect sense. Our success is due to the fact that we only provide the highest quality cannabis to our customers,” says Berner, Founder and CEO of Cookies. “Our partnership with Conception Nurseries allows us to further increase our production while maintaining our strict high standards.”

The future of cannabis
Tissue culture technology puts cannabis cultivation on par with advanced commercial agricultural crops and is the future of cannabis growth and production. Conception Nurseries’ TrueClone technology increases the velocity at which cannabis can scale to meet the growing demand from legalization and increased consumer consumption.

“Conception Nurseries has been building momentum and is primed to add Cookies premium genetics to our expanding strain portfolio,” says Kevin Brooks, Conception Nurseries CEO. “We look forward to providing the market with Cookies-approved clones to help growers further increase revenue with clean, consistent, high-quality cultivars year-round.”