Conception Recruits Tad Henderson, Strong Industry Talent, Bolstering Current Roster of Tissue Culture Experts

SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA— Conception, a leading cannabis micropropagation company, is pleased to announce the hire of strong industry leader Tad Henderson as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Henderson brings to the Conception team 20-plus years of leadership and operational excellence in highly-regulated environments. As COO, Henderson will assist Conception with leveraging time-honored operating principles to accelerate the company’s growth. Prior to his current role with Conception, Henderson was the CEO of Bastcore, a hemp processing company and also spent time at Poseidon Asset Management, a cannabis venture fund in San Francisco. Henderson’s track record of leading change in multiple industries and driving growth will be major factor in the future success of Conception.

“Conception is incredibly excited to welcome Tad Henderson onto our executive team. Henderson is a phenomenal talent in the industry with a Six Sigma Blackbelt Certification*, and a proven track record of success with rapid-growth companies. His track record shows  his unrivaled ability to lead effectively. We are honored to have such a recognized and experienced managing director joining our team. Tad’s belief in our mission and concept adds validity to our vision at Conception,” says Kevin Brooks, CEO of Conception.

The rapidly expanding company has also recruited 4 additional leaders to strengthen the team and propel forward the company vision.

Conception’s additional recruits and their respective roles are as follows:

  • Zach Flati, General Counsel – Flati will be overseeing the navigation of multiple state regulatory regimes and fostering a culture of compliance. Before Conception, he served as outside general counsel to one of California’s largest vertically-integrated cannabis operators and brings nearly a decade of supply chain and legal operations management.
  • Nikolaus Matheis, Senior Director of Laboratory Operations– Matheis has 20 years of agricultural biotechnology technology experience, and will quickly become a key enabler to help streamline the launch of Conception’s facilities. Matheis’s previous role included managing high-throughput tissue culture pipelines and most recently overseeing the lab buildouts for fruit tree micropropagation. He brings experience at both startups and large international firms.
  • Tina Siebal, Director of People Operations – With over 20 years of human resources experience, Siebal will be overseeing the Conception team. Prior to Conception, she has worked both in startups and major corporate environments and brings to the table her experience of expanding creative and driven teams.
  • Sarah Stites, Business Operations Manager – Stites will assist the Conception team both with management and implementation of business operations, policies, and procedures. Prior to Conception, Stites amassed 20 years of operations and project management experience with a focus on establishing the foundations of corporate and department operations.

“The ag-tech and cannabis industries are both niche realms of knowledge. Conception is incredibly proud and excited to be bringing on such experienced talent to the core team. There is no doubt that each of these unique additions brings a wealth of knowledge and will help us to move forward with our vision of expanding micropropagation to the cannabis industry. Our belief is that Conception’s newest recruits will help to further this mission and we can’t wait to see how each of their unique perspectives affects the company’s journey,” said Kevin Brooks, CEO of Conception.

As a company, Conception is working to provide growers with clean, genetically certified cannabis clones. The company’s mission is to provide growers with a diverse selection of existing cannabis strains and next-generation breeds customized for a licensed producer’s needs. Conception aims to be at the forefront of genetic and micropropagation technology in the cannabis industry.

* A Six Sigma Blackbelt Certification denotes expertise in leading complex business improvement and development projects.


Conception Nurseries, the world’s largest micropropagation lab, brings proven agricultural technology to cannabis with tissue culture technology (micropropagation). To date, cannabis cultivators have been dependent on mother plants to produce clones – resulting in inconsistent harvests with diluted and uncontrollable traits. Tissue culture technology, which is widely used in industrial agriculture to address the exact problems cannabis cultivators face today, allows Conception to quickly mass-produce identical, disease-free plantlets with customized and consistent characteristics. This reduces cultivators’ operational risks and costs while increasing their revenues and delivering a dependable end-user experience. For more information, visit (CA license numbers CCL19-0004127 and C13-0000182-LIC)