Conception Nurseries To Cultivate Cannabis Industry Growth

April 4 2019 / TheNewswire / Sacramento, CA — Conception Nurseries, a leading global cannabis tissue culture micropropagation company, has raised $3.1 million (USD) in a seed round led by Cresco Capital Partners.

Conception Nurseries will focus the majority of the funds on the completion of new facilities in both Oregon and California.

Kevin Brooks, CEO of Conception Nurseries, explained the company’s proposition and commented on the investment:

“Conventional cannabis propagation uses cuttings from a mother plant to create plantlets, also known as clones. This method is extraordinarily expensive and introduces unnecessary risk to cultivation businesses. Conception’s proprietary tissue culturing process that tackles multiple challenges the cannabis industry continues to struggle with: consistency, risk, scalability, and pricing.”

Conception Nurseries intends to aggressively target agricultural challenges within the cannabis industry, providing comprehensive solutions by using the best combination of scientific knowledge and agricultural practices to revolutionize cannabis cultivation.

“The way Conception leverages IP and tissue culture to create a comprehensive solution to ensure consistency, reduce risk, and create efficiency – is a complete game changer for the cannabis industry” said Dov Szapiro, Managing Partner, Cresco Capital Partners. “Conception is utilizing this incredible genomic database with leading genetic scientists to tackle the challenges the cannabis industry has struggled with and needed to solve.”

The company will also utilize funds from this seed round to continue assembling their world-class team and is currently recruiting for several other key positions within the organization including Director of Cultivation & Production, Quality Control and Assurance Manager and Tissue Culture Technicians.

“The success of this seed round reflects the value we bring to cultivation operations within the industry. Our new facilities will allow us to upscale our activities thus far and create a better future for the industry,” said Kevin Brooks, CEO of Conception Nurseries.

About Conception:

Conception is bringing tissue culture technology, a crucial component of industrial-scale agriculture, to the cannabis industry. With tissue culture “micropropagation”, Conception produces plantlets that are free of pathogens and have exceptional vigor, at a cost-per-plant below producers’ in-house costs.

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