Cannacribs Podcast: Cannabis Tissue Culture

Conception Nurseries’ CEO Kevin Brooks appeared on Cannacribs podcast on YouTube. He shares how his background leading technology and cultivation companies landed him at the helm of our innovative tissue culture startup.

Cannacribs is one of the most exciting cannabis podcasts in our space, covering all types of growing operations across the the US.

Firstly, Kevin discusses how Conception came to be and the difference between gen zero clones and traditional mom propagation. Plus, more on how Conception helps cannabis cultivators produce the healthiest plants possible. He outlines the rigorous process we use to evaluate which cultivars we add to our menu.

“We’ll look at 40-point trial of the plant performance right? Color, THC, we have a checklist. Yield, flower time, etc. Then we do a 100-point post harvest flower inspection to determine whether or not this is something we want to take on. Can it grow its scale? And then once we determine, ‘yes it works, it’s great’ let’s go ahead and spend the time and energy cleaning it up. That process is 9 months sometimes. Sometimes a year.”

Additionally, they review how Conception’s business model is built to give back to cultivar creators. Conception honors the original artists of every cultivar on our menu by paying royalties to breeders. “We take breeders rights very seriously and our 2023 menu is going to be off the hook. We’ve got some incredible breeders,  exclusives and collabs and the only reason why we’ve gotten these groups to the table is because we stand by our word and we pay and we do right by them.”

🌱 Tissue Culture, Gen Zero Clones, Hype Strains: Conception Nurseries

In this episode, Nick Morin interviews Kevin Brooks from Conception Nurseries. We get to learn about pheno hunting, tissue culture, the tech behind it, and what it is like to supply for Cookies and more!

Tissue culture is vital in the cannabis industry today because pests and pathogens can impact quality and yield. Speak with a cultivation consultant today on how Conception clones can improve your grow.
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