Conception Clones

Exceptionally clean. Genetically elite. Immaculately conceived.

Conception Nurseries - Cannabis Clones

Ready-to-Grow Clones

Conception provides your grow-op with clean, ready-to-grow cannabis plantlets each individually cubed in their own soil. Reach out to us to explore our diverse selection of heirloom and modern breeds.

Conception Nurseries Cannabis Clones - Diverse Selection of Genetics

Grow from our diverse selection of heirloom strains and modern cannabis breeds

Conception Nurseries Cannabis Clones - Hardier Plants

Our clean, pathogen free propagation environment creates hardier and faster growing plants

Conception Nurseries Cannabis Clones - True-to-Type

Conception guarantees and certifies all of our clones to be genetically true-to-type

Clone Platform & Support


Conception can provide your grow-operation with the technology, software and SOP platform optimized to help ensure the best yields. Leverage our years of cultivation experience for your next harvest.

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Elite Genetics


With an industry leading R&D team, our selection of cannabis stems from years of research and genetic testing. We've developed our clones from the world's largest collection of heirloom, landrace and modern cannabis strains.