Cutting Edge Micropropagation

Cleaner, healthier, genetically superior and certified clones. Conception provides growers with next-generation, targeted cannabis varieties customized for the needs of consumers and cultivation.


Plant tissue culture, or micropropagation, is a collection of techniques used to successfully grow plants cells from a single cellular source in a sterile nutrient controlled environment.

Unrivaled Plant Genetics

Conception has assembled the finest collection of germplasm (existing plant varieties) in the world. We also have access to the largest database of cannabis genomics in the world.

Conception allows growers to convert costly mother rooms into production rooms.

Micropropagation technology dramatically reduces production losses from pests and disease

Conception’s genetically elite clones are bred for increased production yields

We help growers license and expand their strains & brands beyond their regional borders

Unrivaled Plant Genetics

Our genetics strategy has been to work with a combination of classic recreational “workhouse” varieties, popular new varieties, and high CBD varieties which will be increasingly important when “hemp” is legalized via the 2018 Farm Bill.

Conception is also curating a massive collection of genetics in seed form, including landraces. Through our unique position in the market, we can source genetics from most of the existing breeders, including name brand genetics.

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