The Conception Team

Our growing team at Conception Nurseries and our advisors

Kevin Brooks
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Brooks is the CEO of Conception. Prior to his current role, he served as CEO of the largest vertically integrated cannabis company in California.

Before entering the cannabis industry, Kevin spent 15 years as an executive in Silicon Valley supporting companies through multiple successful exits. Kevin has a BA in Organizational Communication and Business Administration from California State University.

Phylos Advisors

Dr. Mowgli Holmes
CEO, Phylos Bioscience

Phd Microbiology & Immunology, Columbia

Ralph Risch
COO, Phylos Bioscience

Multiple successful exits. BS Engineering & Computer Sci, CU Boulder

Crop One Technology Partners

Sonia Lo
CEO, Crop One Holdings

Stanford AB, Harvard MBA Multiple successful exits. Hundreds of Millions raised in past start-ups

Dr. Deane Falcone
Chief Scientific Officer, Crop One Holdings

PhD Microbiology, Photosynthesis, and CO2 Fixation at Ohio State

Dave Vosburg
CFO & VP Strategy, Crop One Holdings

Notre Dame BA, Yale MBA Multiple successful exits in Disruptive Technologies