Tissue Culture Micropropagation

Conception uses Tissue Culture Micropropagation to produce cleaner, healthier, and genetically elite clones. We provide growers with a diverse selection of existing cannabis strains and next-generation breeds customized for your needs.

Conception Nurseries - Cannabis Tissue Culture Micropropagation
Conception Nurseries - Cannabis Tissue Culture Micropropagation

How it Works

Tissue Culture Micropropagation rapidly produces clones by cultivating existing plants with cuts of plant material. The plant material is sterilized and then multiplied by our lab.

Conception Nurseries - Cannabis Micropropagation Tissue Culture Sterilization

Plant tissue is disinfected, decontaminated and then placed in a sterile culture vessel

Conception Nurseries - Cannabis Tissue Culture Micropropagation Plant Multiplication

The plant tissue will multiply within it's culture environment dividing into two plants

Conception Nurseries - Cannabis Tissue Culture Micropropagation Plant Acclimation

The new plants are transferred to a vessel to be acclimated for greenhouse or indoor growing

Consistent Quality & Supply


Cannabis Tissue Culture Micropropagation allows us to create a genetically identical plant every time. We can help provide the product consistency your customers and operations need.

Using the world's leading vertical farm technology, Conception Nurseries can scale clone production to meet any supply demand.

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Less Mold. Less Mites. More Yield.


Every year, growers lose millions of dollars of product due to disease and contamination. Mother Rooms are one of the leading culprits of crop disease, infestation, and contamination. Using Tissue Culture Micropropagation, Conception helps eliminate the dependency on mother rooms.

Grow space is incredibly valuable and regulated in our industry. With Conception, your real estate and maintenance costs for mother rooms can be converted into additional production area.

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