Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions about ordering
and purchasing Conception Clones

How will I get the clones?


It’s as easy as ordering a pizza. Simply place your order with your sales representative, and we can deliver the clones to you with one of our certified drivers.

What states do you operate in?


We are currently operating in Oregon; please contact us to place your order now. Our California facility will be open in May 2020. We expect to open our Massachusetts facility in late 2020.

Are you compliant with Oregon and California cannabis regulations?


Yes. In Oregon, we are an OLCC license holder and all of our plants are tracked through METRC. In California, we will be operating under the appropriate license and tracking plants in METRC.

After I place my order, how long before my plants are ready for pick-up or delivery?


Availability is dependent on the plant size/category you are ordering and how many orders we currently have on the books. For plants currently in stock and ready for immediate delivery or pick up, please ask your sales representative. For custom orders of strains currently in production, you can expect an approximate 6 - 8 week lead time depending on the cultivar and order size. It’s easy to schedule recurring orders to help with production planning and scaling your operation.

What’s the minimum order?


Whether you’re interested in sampling a cultivar or looking to stock your entire production room, we have you covered. Our minimums are by tray, and ordering one tray is as easy as one hundred. Price per clone goes down as your order grows, so when you order more, you save more! (Each tray holds 48 plants.)

When can I order?


Today! Contact us with your inquiry, and we will assign you to your own sales representative to walk you through the process. Your true to type and perfectly clean clones are waiting for you.

Plant & Grow FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our clones
and how we propagate them!

Which strains are available?


Our strain collection is constantly being updated to provide you with the most elite genetics. Please contact us or your sales representative for a current list of strains.

How do we know your clones are pest free?


Our plants are initiated and grown under ISO class 5 lab conditions meaning our facilities are strictly controlled by clean lab practices. All plants are grown and delivered in sealed plant packs which ensure a pest free environment for the plants.

What are the recommended grow cycle times for your strains?


Assuming the 3” clones are transplanted into a 2.5 gallon pot, and depending on the size you would like to achieve for flower, you could expect 18 days for veg cycle to achieve a 12” plant and about 30 days for a 20” plant.

How big are the plants I’ll receive?


For our standard clones, they will come semi-hardened at about 3 - 4” tall. Smaller clones allow us to deliver in sterile sealed packs to prevent pest or pathogen contamination during transportation. The size of our clones also reduces the risk of plant damage and water loss during transportation.

How many come in each pack?


48 in a sealed pack for the 3” semi-hardened clones.

What’s so special about Tissue Culture clones


In contrast to traditional cloning from cuttings, our plantlets come to you as 3 - 4 inch tall, semi-hardened clones with a well-established root system. Even at 3” our tissue cultured clones have 4-6 nodes per plant. Tissue culture clones are completely clean and boast a consistency in quality other cloning methods can’t touch. We have a low toss rate meaning you save in the total number of purchased plants necessary to fill your grow space. Additionally, since tissue culture brings back the juvenile state of the old, tired mother plant and fully removes pests and pathogens, clonal degradation or “genetic drift” becomes highly unlikely.

How does Tissue Culture technology create a more predictable crop?


Tissue Culture clones are true-to-type to their mother’s genetics. That means you can accurately predict phenotypes and chemotypes based on the mother plant’s profile. Tissue culture plants are grown in optimal nutrients and under the best conditions, making them healthier and stronger. We use no harsh chemicals and keep our plants pest and pathogen free. Tissue Culture clones are not impacted by the abiotic or biotic stress experienced by a mother plant, meaning they have improved performance & quality.

What’s your “special sauce” that makes your clones superior?


We plant in a peat/coco blend, supplementing with a proprietary blend of naturally occurring plant hormones, basic micro/macro nutrients, and vitamins to build strong, healthy clones that are superior to traditional cuttings and Tissue Culture clones from other laboratories. We deliver everything to you in a sealed, sterile package, further enhancing each plants’ durability and quality.

My plant only has 3 leaflets instead of 5. Is this ok?


Yes! It is common for young plantlets to only have 3 leaflets instead of 5 or more. The plants should continue to grow and you should see new leaves during the veg cycle with 5 or more leaflets.


Frequently asked questions about
Conception’s Genetics and genetic processes

I’ve heard that if I Tissue Culture my moms, other growers will have access to my genetics…is this true?


No, your genetics are always exclusive to you. We code each cultivar by number so your genetics are anonymous, even to our technicians. All plants are coded and accounted for on a daily basis to ensure complete ownership and safety.

Does Tissue Culture eliminate “genetic drift”?


“Genetic drift”, also known as clonal degradation, is a phenomenon typically caused by a variety of factors which can include poor cultivation practices, stress due to abiotic factors (light, heat, fertigation), or biotic factors like pests and microbials. Since tissue culture brings back the juvenile state of the old, tired mother plant and fully removes pests and pathogens, clonal degradation becomes highly unlikely.

Can you clean my mother plant and give me clean clones?


Yes, we offer genetic cleaning. We use Tissue Culture techniques to clean your mother plant from pests and pathogens without harsh chemicals. This is approximately a 6 month process, after which we’ll deliver pesticide, pest, and pathogen free rejuvenated clones genetically identical to your mother plant. To obtain a quote, contact us on our sales form here.